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✨7 ways to De-Stress✨

Wow, what a few days, what a year! Stress levels are high for all at the moment so here are some of my top tips on how you can de-stress:

🌿 Get outside for a walk in nature - studies show that spending time in nature helps to relieve stress and anxiety and boost mood. Some light exercise, in the form of walking, also helps to reduce cortisol levels and release tension.

🛁 Have an Epsom salt bath - a warm bath can help calm your nervous system and relieve anxieties. Epsom salts contain magnesium which helps your muscles to relax and your body to unwind.

🧘‍♀️ Take some deep breaths - deep breathing has been shown to lower stress and release tension in the body. Try breathing in for the count of 5, holding your breath for 5 and then breathing out for 5. Or try a meditation.

💃🏽 Dance away your worries! Dancing causes us to release endorphins which help alleviate stress and have a calming effect on our bodies.

📺 Take a break from screens - phone, computers, tablets, television all constantly bombard us with information. Too much screen time has been linked with increased anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

📖 Get lost in a good book - not only can reading help you escape from your stresses, it has also been shown to lower heart rate and ease muscle tension.

🎤 Sing at the top of your lungs - singing has been shown to help reduce tension and lift spirits. So put on some tunes and go for it!

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