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Lucy, Sussex

I came to Olivia when I was feeling generally exhausted and my skin and hair felt dull and lacklustre. We chatted about my lifestyle and Olivia was both professional and engaging. She was able to make some achievable dietary and lifestyle recommendations, including some supplements. I returned to Olivia two months after my initial consultation and by that point there were noticeable differences. My energy levels had improved greatly and my hair and skin had some body again! I would highly recommend her.

Katie, London

I came to Olivia to address my grogginess in the mornings and difficulties with extreme hunger.  After a very thorough consultation, Olivia suggested various ways to help bring my energy levels up, and keep my hunger sustained throughout my working day.  I found it not only very helpful and effective, but extremely interesting - and learned a lot about the different types of foods we need to keep healthy and active.  I definitely noticed a difference after adopting Olivia's diet plan, especially during periods of intense work. Olivia is extremely knowledgeable and I felt very at ease discussing my health issues with her. I would absolutely go back to Olivia again if I have any nutritional issues or questions.

Clare, Northhamptonshire

Having suffered with moderate acne for most of my adult life I sought support from Olivia to see if I could improve my skin. I didn’t like the thought of depending on antibiotics and harsh topical creams which had been prescribed by my GP on multiple occasions. 

One of the best parts about my consultation with Olivia was how she spent so much time getting a full and detailed history. As a mummy of three, it was incredibly therapeutic to talk about myself for a whole hour and a half! It was reassuring that Olivia wanted to understand the whole picture. She mapped out past medical problems as well as the current issues I had and discussed the connections and possible triggers.

Olivia helped me to realise the importance of taking time out for myself and recommended some simple dietary changes, supplements, as well as suggestions for natural skin care. The dietary changes were easy to implement especially as she also recommended some great cookery books and nutritious snack and breakfast ideas which I now have permanently pinned to my fridge!

I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin and I feel much more energised and in control. Thank you Olivia.

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